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For more than two decades, Sig Hutchinson has been working to make livable, healthy communities and improve the quality of life in Wake County.

Public Education

  • Increased teacher pay by 44% and increased the school budget by 32%
  • First county in NC to fund Smart Start and drive $100,000 in private sector investments

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  • 50,000+ jobs over four years from businesses expanding and new employers coming to Wake County
  • Passed Wake County Living Wage Ordinance

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Public Health & Safety

  • Restructured Wake County fire services resulting in higher pay, better coverage, and lower insurance rates
  • Funded additional narcotics/correction officer positions

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  • Passed a landmark $2.3B Wake County transit plan to quadruple services in five year
  • Starting with free transit passes for ages18 and under beginning July

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Greenways & Open Space

  • Purchased more than 2,000 acres of open space to protect the Wake County water supplies
  • Approved a master plan to add 200 miles of greenways

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Quality of Life

  • Adopted a 20-year affordable housing plan
  • Opening in fall 2018, the Oak City Center will provide immediate assistance to those experiencing homelessness

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Sig Hutchinson has been working to make communities healthy and livable for more than two decades. Sig was first elected to the Wake County Commission in 2014 and has served as Chair and Vice Chair during the 4-year tenure.

Sig has led seven bond initiatives in Wake County and the City of Raleigh totaling $300 million for open space preservation, parks, greenways, transportation and affordable housing.

Sig lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife of 35 years, Nancy. They have one son who is married and three grandchildren.”


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