Sig’s Track Record on Wake County Issues

SH 12Jan14 #379

Wake County Public Education is Improving.

  • Increased teacher pay by 44%
  • Increased the school budget by 32%
  • First county in NC to fund Smart Start and drive $100,000 in private sector investments
  • Established a dedicated food security plan for Wake County public schools providing pantries, backpack buddies and a universal breakfast program
  • Expanded early-childhood education seats for students experiencing homelessness
  • Reached a 7-year rolling agreement with the School Board for school construction and renovation, allowing parents, schools and taxpayers to plan ahead
  • Continued expansion of Wake Technical Community College through new campuses and online services, serving over 70,000 students annually
  • Increased funding to the United Arts Council Wheels on the Bus campaign, providing transportation for every elementary student to attend a local cultural event or institution
  • Funded United Arts Council Artists in Residence campaign, bringing professional musicians, writers, artists and performers as guest teachers in Wake County Schools

Developing Jobs Right Here in Wake County.

  • Added 50,000+ jobs over four years from businesses expanding and new employers coming to Wake County
  • Passed Wake County Living Wage Ordinance
  • Restructured Wake County incentive policy to provide additional focus on small and midsized local businesses
  • Hired new Wake County Economic Development personnel to focus exclusively on economic opportunity and increasing business investment in areas of economic need
  • Supported record expansion of flights to and from RDU, including new nonstop flights to Seattle, Paris and Austin

The Health and Safety of Wake County Residents is Paramount.

  • Restructured Wake County fire services resulting in higher pay, better coverage, and lower insurance rates
  • Funded additional narcotics/correction officer positions
  • Restructured and fully funded Wake County EMS for 12-hour shifts – Wake County EMS universally recognized as one of the best EMS systems in the country
  • Naloxone provided to all first responders, helping to keep Wake County’s Opioid overdose death rate much lower than the national average
  • Established new maternal health clinic at Millbrook Center, providing prenatal care to hundreds more women every year.
  • Wake County is now the “healthiest” employer in North Carolina, due to innovative employee health plans, clinics and exercise programs

Congestion and Gridlock are Heading Our Way, Unless We Plan Now.

  • Passed a landmark $2.3B Wake County transit plan to quadruple services in five years
  • Establisned free transit passes for ages18 and under

Let’s Keep Protecting our Greenways and Open Spaces.

Sig has helped transform his community by leading six bond initiatives in Wake County and the City of Raleigh totaling $280 million for open space preservation, parks, greenways, transportation and affordable housing. Thanks to the Open Space & Parks Advisory Committee, all Raleigh citizens, as well as those yet to come, can experience greater water and air quality, increased recreational opportunities, and a more beautiful and natural county.

  • Approved a master plan to add 200 miles of greenways, providing a blueprint for the future buildout of pedestrian and bicycle transportation system countywide
  • Purchased more than 2,000 acres of open space to protect the Wake County water supplies
  • Formed and led Wake County Water Partnership to bring together all stakeholders to develop a 50-year water policy for Wake County
  • Adopted the “One Water” and green infrastructure concepts as official county policy
  • Led the way in the state legislature to preserve riparian river buffers under state law – preserving Wake County’s water supplies
  • Developed new programs to address well contamination and infrastructure repair in “donut hole” communities
  • Funded and opened Robertson’s Millpond Preserve – a historically and environmentally significant blackwater swamp in Eastern Wake County
  • Protected Falls Lake Rules from legislative interference through collaborative work with regional partners

In Wake County, No One Should Be Left Behind.

  • Adopted 20-Year Affordable Housing Plan to provide funding and coordination with all municipalities to ensure housing affordability in the face of growth
  • Opening in fall 2018, the Oak City Center will provide immediate assistance to those experiencing homelessness
  • Passed Wake County Food Security Plan, which will preserve farmland, provide training to young farmers to enable sales to institutional buyers such as the schools, continue to fight student hunger, and address the food desert issue countywide
  • Adopted the “Frequent Faces” data collection effort with sheriffs, hospitals and Wake County human services, to determine where services can be more effectively delivered to those who frequently receive expensive behavioral care in the ER or Jail

Equal Opportunity is Wake County’s Future.

  • Passed Wake County Anti-discrimination Ordinance – permanently protecting the job rights of all Wake County employees and the delivery of Wake County services regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability or veteran status
  • Passed “Ban the Box” as county policy – ensuring equal access to county jobs for those who have served their debt to society
  • Instituted reentry program for those serving time in the county jail on misdemeanors and minor felonies
    • Ensure treatment for those in need of mental or other healthcare
    • Provide job training and educational programs that will result in job placements for those who complete the program