Let’s Keep Protecting our Greenways and Open Spaces.

Sig has helped transform his community by leading seven bond initiatives in Wake County and the City of Raleigh totaling $300 million for open space preservation, parks, greenways, transportation and affordable housing. Thanks to the Open Space & Parks Advisory Committee, all Raleigh citizens, as well as those yet to come, can experience greater water and air quality, increased recreational opportunities, and a more beautiful and natural county.

During my tenure as a Wake County Board Commissioner, we have:

  • Approved a master plan to add 200 miles of greenways, providing a blueprint for the future buildout of pedestrian and bicycle transportation system countywide
  • Purchased more than 2,000 acres of open space to protect the Wake County water supplies
  • Formed and led Wake County Water Partnership to bring together all stakeholders to develop a 50-year water policy for Wake County
  • Adopted the “One Water” and green infrastructure concepts as official county policy
  • Led the way in the state legislature to preserve riparian river buffers under state law – preserving Wake County’s water supplies
  • Developed new programs to address well contamination and infrastructure repair in “donut hole” communities
  • Funded and opened Robertson’s Millpond Preserve – a historically and environmentally significant blackwater swamp in Eastern Wake County
  • Protected Falls Lake Rules from legislative interference through collaborative work with regional partners

The Role of Parks, Greenways and Open Space on County Health Rankings

This is why I support the Wake County Parks, Greenways, Recreation and Open Space bond referendum:

Hear from the residents of Fuquay-Varina on why the Crooked Creek Park project is important to them: