Natural Resources & Recreation

Thanks to the Open Space & Parks Advisory Committee, all Raleigh citizens, as well as those yet to come, can experience greater water and air quality, increased recreational opportunities, and a more beautiful and natural county.

Protecting Our Natural Resources:

  • 300+ miles of greenways, providing a blueprint for the future buildout of pedestrian and bicycle transportation system countywide
  • 7,000+ acres of protected open space and water supplies
  • $120M parks, greenway & open space bond in 2018
  • Formed and led Wake County Water Partnership to bring together all stakeholders to develop a 50-year water policy for Wake County
  • Adopted the “One Water” and green infrastructure concepts as official county policy
  • Led the way in the state legislature to preserve riparian river buffers under state law – preserving Wake County’s water supplies
  • Developed new programs to address well contamination and infrastructure repair in “donut hole” communities
  • Funded and opened Robertson’s Millpond Preserve – a historically and environmentally significant blackwater swamp in Eastern Wake County
  • Protected Falls Lake Rules from legislative interference through collaborative work with regional partners

The Importance of Parks, Greenways and Open Space:

Sig discusses greenways and clean water on CW22/MyRDC28 Community Matters.

This 3-part interview covers the history of greenways in Raleigh & Wake County, what is happening today and what the future might look like.

Part 1 - Community Matters

Part 2 - Community Matters

Part 3 - Community Matters

The Triangle Trails Initiative is a program of the East Coast Greenway Alliance. This work is funded by a grant from the AJ Fletcher Foundation.

New East Coast Greenway Connector through Cary – UNCTV NC Weekend

Sig talks with the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners about Greenways in the Triangle and across the state.

The Role of Parks, Greenways and Open Space on County Health Rankings

The Importance of Parks, Greenways and Open Space: