The Health and Safety of Wake County Residents is Paramount.

During my tenure as a Wake County Board Commissioner, we have:

  • Restructured Wake County fire services resulting in higher pay, better coverage, and lower insurance rates
  • Funded additional narcotics/correction officer positions
  • Restructured and fully funded Wake County EMS for 12-hour shifts – Wake County EMS universally recognized as one of the best EMS systems in the country
  • Naloxone provided to all first responders, helping to keep Wake County’s Opioid overdose death rate much lower than the national average
  • Established new maternal health clinic at Millbrook Center, providing prenatal care to hundreds more women every year.
  • Wake County is now the “healthiest” employer in North Carolina, due to innovative employee health plans, clinics and exercise programs

The Role of Parks, Greenways and Open Space on County Health Rankings