The Facts – RDU Forest, 286, Crabtree Lake County Park & RDU Quarry


Actually, I have been advocating for the Wake Trails plan for more than two years and have gotten zero traction from the community, especially the mountain biking community. It has only been since the fence issue arose that folks started getting serious about my proposal to move the fence, save 286 for legal mountain bike trails and create a ride center in RDU Forest.


The Hansen Quarry was 20 years ago and long before I was an elected official or even thinking about running for public office.

I got involved in the Hansen Quarry discussion as part of trying to connect the greenway at Crabtree Valley Mall to Umstead State park through the quarry along Crabtree creek as well as to stop the downstream flooding along Crabtree creek.

It has taken 20 years, but I am happy to report that within the next 15 months the greenway along Crabtree Creek will finally connect into Umstead. However, we still have not been able to fix the downstream flooding problem.


I have not taken any money from Wake Stone or its owners during these last two campaigns — while the quarry was even an issue.

The Bratton Family, owners of Wake Stone, have been strong community partners for generations and have done a lot of great things for Knightdale, Wake County and public education. They are also supporters of the transit plan.

They supported my campaign in 2014.

Actually, there is a quarry there right now that is operating. What Wake Stone and the RDU Authority are planning is an expansion of an existing quarry and not a new quarry. And they will be accessing the existing roads at the Quarry and Harrison Ave. and not Old Reedy Creek Rd for their operations.

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