A Better Future for Wake County

A Better Future for Wake County

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Born and raised in dry and dusty Lubbock, Texas, I instantly fell in love with Raleigh the minute I drove into the city 31 years ago. With a nurse practitioner wife and a son at Millbrook High School, my life as a North Carolinian began as a serial entrepreneur with a passion to become a valuable member of the business community. From an instructor of Dale Carnegie courses, to founding The Raleigh Downtowner, my career has always been focused on communication.

In the past 30 years, I have fallen more in love with Wake County than I ever imagined possible. It is with this passion, that I’ve spent three decades working to continue the growth and preservation of the area. Some highlights are my participation in:

  • The creation of a mountain biking club that resulted in the construction of 30 miles of trails at Beaver Dam and New Light recreation areas.
  • Serving as the president of the Triangle Greenways Council which resulted in the creation of more than 180 miles of greenways in the region.
  • Working with Wake County to create the Open Space and Parks Advisory Committee which led three open space bonds, tallying close to $100 million for the preservation of more than 5,700 acres of open space.

As a resident, I was thrilled to see Wake County and the Raleigh area being recognized nationally as a best places to live. However, we cannot stop now and revel in success. There are growing concerns involving transportation, public education, and expanding of Wake County. There must be leadership to speak for the people while these changes occur.

Friends, I know that Wake County can double in population. However, I want to make sure it occurs in conjunction with improving our quality of life. This is why I’m running for Wake County Commission.

My focus is simple:

  1. We need to return our public school system to being nationally recognized.  The County Commission must work with the school board to define what is best for our kids, as well as our teachers. There is no more time for political bickering.
  2. We need a transportation system that not only works now, but will still work 20 years from now. More importantly, we must give our citizens a voice and a vote in the County’s transportation future.
  3. We need to focus on open space preservation while growing parks, greenways and recreational areas.
  4. We need to support urban centers with a vibrant lifestyle to attract young professionals, creative artists and rising entrepreneurs. We must embrace diversity and utilize technology.

Friends, never has it been so important to focus on the future of Wake County. We must work to create a 21st century community before our flourishing landscape becomes stuck in the past.

Our future is bright and our opportunities are limitless. It is time to take a journey and to embrace the full potential the county has to offer. It is time for change. It is time for action.

Vote Sig Hutchinson this November and join me in my journey to creating A Better Future for Wake County.

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