Dix agreement should stand

Dix agreement should stand

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Letters to the Editor

– As I speak with groups as a parks and greenways advocate, the first question always asked is, “What’s going to happen with Dix?” Saving the 306 acres of Dix park is not only a chance of a lifetime, it’s the opportunity of a century.

Numerous visionaries and business leaders such as Greg Poole and Jim Goodmon have spent a decade working with elected officials and community leaders to secure this deal, done legally with great care and thoughtfulness. At this point, to undo this opportunity to save Dix park is just unconscionable.

I say this as guardian of a schizophrenic brother, and I clearly understand the lack of funding and resources for mental health. But at this point when so much has already been done, it’s time to unbundle these two issues and address them both completely but separately.

More than ever, it’s time to put partisan politics aside and do the right thing by allowing the original agreement to stand and let Dix park live in the hearts and minds of our citizens for generations to come.