N&O Choices for the Wake County Board of Commissioners


District 1

Best known for his advocacy for parks and greenways, incumbent Sig Hutchinson is now working to expand mass transit across the Triangle. He has played a key roll in pushing for a passenger rail line that could one day extend from Clayton to beyond Durham.

A salesman who practices the self-improvement principles of Dale Carnegie, Hutchinson, 67, of North Raleigh, takes pride in bringing people together and getting things done. “I just love it and I’m good at it and it’s making a difference in people’s lives,” he told the Editorial Board.

The Republican challenger is Greg Jones of Wendell, a 53-year-old Wake County native who is an industrial contractor and farmer.

This race is a rematch of 2018, which Hutchinson won by more than 100,000 votes.

Jones wants to counter the board’s liberal tilt. “There’s a large amount of people concerned about property taxes,” he told the Editorial Board. “Their voice is not going to be heard unless we get a balanced board of commissioners.”

Voters spoke loudly in 2018. We strongly recommend the re-election of Sig Hutchinson.

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