Orgs Share Endorsement Picks Federal, State and Local Races

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It’s finally 2020 political season and the country is off to the start for voting for their favorite candidates across a plethora of races. Here in the Carolinas, races are being run in hopes of capturing voter’s nods when they cast their ballots on Super Tuesday on March 3.

Kendra R. Johnson, executive director of Equality North Carolina, released the following statement: “With the massive number of races on the ballot in 2020, we have a crucial opportunity for North Carolinians to elect pro-equality legislators and change the course of history for this state — and America. We are living in dire and terrifying times for some of our community’s most vulnerable members — particularly trans and gender-nonconforming people of color and other individuals living at the margins. These voters deserve leaders committed to creating a more equitable and safer world for them to live, work and raise families. We believe the politicians that we’ve endorsed are the most well-equipped to help build that world, change the dangerous trajectory that this country is currently heading towards, and create a better North Carolina for us all.”

Equality North Carolina made their choices and list them as follows: …

Wake County Commissioner

Matt Calabria, Sig Hutchinson and Audra Killingsworth

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