Raleigh Best City For Fit, Happy Men

Raleigh Best City For Fit, Happy Men

The News & Observer reports that the most recent issue of Men’s Health magazine lists Raleigh as the Number 1 city in America for men who are fit and happy.


The magazine says it analyzed 32 data points to reach that result, noting Raleigh’s 100 miles of cycling, walking and running trails; its 30,000 square foot State Farmers market; and tech companies that offer employees flexible time off, healthy cafes, free counseling, and on-site medical and fitness facilities. (All of those things sound pretty good for women, too!)

Rounding out the top five best cities were San Jose, Calif.; Madison, Wis.; Anaheim, Calif.; and Burlington, Vermont. Charlotte made the top ten, coming in at number 8; Durham was number 21; and Greensboro was at 39.

The bottom of the list of 100, starting at the bottom, were: Detroit, Mich.; Charleston, W. Va.; Philadelphia; St. Louis, Mo., and Birmingham, Ala.

You can read the article at menshealth.com/health/best-and-worst-cities-for-men.