Sig Hutchinson: Yes to Transportation Bonds

Sig Hutchinson: Yes to Transportation Bonds

The News and Observer

Letters to the Editor

Sig Speaking – We can all agree that we love Raleigh but hate sitting in traffic, which is why we should support the city’s $75 million transportation bond issue. It represents 18 strategically located projects that will improve our daily commute and our city.

All 18 projects will be on existing roads, meaning the city has adopted a “fix what we already have first” approach and targeted the roads driven on every day. The bond issue will also include sidewalks, bike lanes, bus shelters and benches. Whether you drive, walk, ride a bike or take a bus, your daily travels will improve. And the cost is modest. The average homeowner will see an increase of approximately $33 a year in property taxes..

Bonds have always been the best way to finance large capital improvements because we can implement projects now – enjoy the benefits – and pay for them over an extended period. They allow future residents to help us pay for the infrastructure as they come to live in Raleigh, buy a house and pay property taxes.

Our city is recognized as one of the best places to live in America, and the best thing we can do to keep it that way is to invest in our transportation system.