NCSU Technician: Get to Know Your Local Candidates

BY Alicia Thomas, Managing Editor

Board of Commissioners District 1

Sig Hutchinson (D)

What are your qualifications to be on the Board of Commissioners?

  • Has a business career in communications.

  • Been working to create safe and healthy communities where citizens can thrive through vision, action and leadership for the past 25 years.

  • Primarily responsible for a 200-plus mile greenway system.

  • Ran for county commissioner in 2014 to put a $2.3 billion transport referendum on the ballot that was passed in 2016.

In your opinion, what are the biggest issues in Wake County currently? How can you remedy these issues while being on the Board of Commissioners?

  • Transportation: Working to create a variety of options through a $2.3 billion referendum.

  • Affordable Housing: Passed a 1 cent property tax for affordable housing, totaling to $14 million a year. Also built over 750 affordable housing units.

  • Creating Safe and Healthy Communities: Chairs and advises the LiveWell Wake initiative, which is currently working on seven initiatives, including affordable housing, access to jobs, education, mental health and opioid addiction, working with vulnerable communities and “familiar faces” that are high utilizers of jails, homeless shelters and emergency rooms.

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