2019 Mid-Year Update – Green Spaces & The Environment

Regional Greenways/Green Space Initiative

With a grant from the AJ Fletcher Foundation and support from my good friend Chuck Flink, we are looking to expand the branding and promotion for the greenway system in the Triangle. Lots of opportunities here so stay tuned.

4-40 Plan Announced

Plans were rolled out to begin a 40-miles-of-new-greenways initiative to be completed over four years. County staff will reach out to our municipal partners this fall with an RFP and then solidify projects that Wake County can be a partner on, using $20M of our $120M in Bond Funding. The emphasis will be based on connecting all 12 municipalities in Wake County.

We also began accepting projects for our open space program, as well as implementing the first phase of upgrading, and building new, county parks throughout Wake County.

RDU Forest

I continue to talk with the RDU Authority, NC Parks and Wake County officials to find a way to preserve the trails known as 286, located near the airport. I remain optimistic that we will be able to move a process forward that creates the type of recreational wonderland that we all can be proud of.

Increased Water Supply for Raleigh

The Falls Lake Reservoir was originally established as a flood control lake. Only during the last days of development was it decided that it could also serve as a drinking water supply for Raleigh and Wake County. As a result, there is a section of the lake that can be reallocated for drinking water, but it requires a lengthy process of approvals by the Corp of Engineers.

Fast forward to the new Trump Administration and an invitation to the White House to see what they could do for us. With the support and urging from a lot of staff and elected leaders, including Congressman David Price’s office, we met with the administration, Gov. Cooper’s Washington lobbyist, our two senators Burr and Tillis, as well as a host of others.

The result? Shortly after the first of the year, we were able to Corp approval. This will mean years of additional water supply for Raleigh and Wake County on our way to securing a 50-year water supply.

Chair of the National Association of Counties, Parks, Open Space & Trails Committee.

As a result of my leadership and work in Wake County creating 200+ miles of greenways, 7,000 acres of open/green space and successful completion of our $120M Open Space Parks and Greenways Bond Initiative, the National Association of Counties (NACo) has asked me to Chair the Parks, Open Space and Trail committee as part of the Healthy Communities initiative.

Additional 2019 Mid-Year Updates:

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